How this person Proves world just isn’t Flat Is Brilliant

everyone are there when Elon Musk was asking ‘The Flat Earth Society” the important questions, poking in the reasoning behind the idea that Earth is, indeed, a flat disc. While flat-earthers appear to lack substantial arguments when you look at the discussion plus it appears quite obvious just what the answer to the age-old real question is, imgur user GregPagel’s views were challenged after he clicked an image of Lake Michigan.

After examining the photos, Greg, a 47-year-old musician from Manitowoc, knew that the horizon he captured seemed rather level, instantly raising doubts about every little thing he knew about Earth. “I’ve frequently looked over the horizon over that lake–thousands of times–and wondered “am we seeing a curve? I’m unsure. Maybe a little? Or Perhaps Is my brain playing tips?” As a kid, I’d look at it a lot” Greg informed united states. So, he performed just what any kind of person would do, he used research! “once I in fact did the mathematics making the diagram, I actually felt a rush” Pagel recalled. Making use of Google Earth plus some calculations he was in a position to figure it all out and share the astonishing outcomes using the globe.  Scroll right down to see just what he found out your self!

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Yesterday, imgur individual Greg took some photos in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

He snapped some breathtaking panorama shots of Lake Michigan

but he quickly realized that one thing odd about the pictures

The horizon seemed pretty… flat

So Greg did exactly what any person would do and utilized technology to find all of it completely

From using Bing world to graphs, the guy dove head-first to the challenge

“The fun part had been showing a .12 degree arc on a circle. It’s next to nothing!” – Greg informed united states

And right here’s your response! 0.12 curve is barely apparent, however it’s however a curve!

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