The Aussie Dad Who Becomes A Hero

QUEENSLAND has a new hero, and he does his best work in his undies.
Brisbane man Daniel McConnell delivered what was dubbed “the Aussiest interview” as he said stopping a man from fleeing the scene after allegedly crashing into a partner’s local shop.

Mr McConnell’s animated account of how he had been awakened by a crash outside his house with his subsequent pursuit of the alleged driver went viral online in hours.

It was off its head, partner!  he said.


The former showgrounds worker jumped to act about two am when a car smashed into a fish-and-chip shop on Nudgee Rd, Hendra, in Brisbane’s inner northeast.

I jumped out of bed and that I had (on) was my undies and I walked out front and I have seen the car smashed and I have seen the bloke walking back to the car. And so I’ve walked out and said,’What are you doing, mate? You can not be leaving the scene’.”

“It is truly quite funny, I did not intend on trying to become famous… I just see it since I ended me mates a favour. It’s me mate’s mum’s shop, so what else can you do?

McConnell shows more details about his activities in the studio of Channel 7’s “Sunrise”:

Within hours, the internet celebrity was stopped in the street by a stranger needing a selfie.

The top Aussie bloke”  cashed in on his newfound fame, with a bidding war between breakfast TV heavyweights Six and Seven to discover the undie-clad hero on TV.

Both stations made offers to the thousands for an exclusive.

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