This is just what Would Happen If Toddlers Could Post On Facebook

Occasionally young children perform some craziest things. One minute they’re small angels and another, they become a hurricane in a room. You can’t actually understand what they’re thinking and why they may be performing all those weird things, but one blogger made a decision to imagine what Twitter standing changes by young children would look like.

Mommy Shorts is a weblog produced by Ilana Wiles. This amazing mom of two girls has-been sharing the woman a few ideas from the downs and ups of parenting for 7 years today, and it has already been a full-time writer since 2013.

prompted by various other websites and blogs that eventually shared the ideas of young children, she asked her fans to tell the woman their toddler’s existing standing revision and several everyone was happy to assist. After that Ilana merely developed changes as well as turned into hilarious.

take a good look at these changes below and be sure to vote for the preferences.

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no. 3

no. 4

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