Some one Imagined just what Would Happen If men and women Bought Cars Like Computers, And It’s Hilariously True

wanting to offer tech help for a person who doesn’t know the first thing about computer systems is annoying enough. What’s worse, though, is the fact that the individual does not know just how ridiculous they sound. Computer software engineer Jon Parise is placing it in ‘layman’s terms’ by thinking what it might sound like if consumers purchased and complained about automobiles the same way as computer systems – plus it’s therefore hilarious. As improvements in car technology be much more plus futuristic (driverless vehicles, anybody?), these scenarios might easily come to be a real possibility for customer service workers before we all know it.

Laugh today, shudder later. Share this with anybody that you know whom believes utilizing some type of computer is similar to turning a light switch, and tell us should they got the laugh.

Credit: NYU Press

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