This Street singer Is Painting Fake Shadows To Confuse People, and also the outcome seems Too Real

for a walk around Redwood City, Ca, you will get the feeling that some thing actually rather right. Pay specific focus on the shadows. Observe the way they seem to misbehave? Flowers sprout from the shadows of bicycle racks, mailboxes turn into shadow beasts, and questionable monkeys loaf around atop parking yards. What’s happening?

Well, prior to going working for hills, don’t be concerned, because they’re actually the task of Damon Belanger, a visual singer lifestyle and working in San Francisco Bay region. He had been commissioned to set up 20 artificial shadows in the downtown section of Redwood City so that you can bring even more imagination into the area, so that as you can view, he is undoubtedly been successful in performing that. “The shadows give regular mundane items a lively nature so folks have a little fun within their every day life,” states the musician, whom makes them by chalking stencils onto the sidewalk before painting all of them dark grey. Scroll down seriously to see some of our favorites, also remember to vote for the best!

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