I Spend Up To 12 Hours To Create These Twisted Illusions On My Face

My name is Ines Kuš. I became produced and live-in Zagreb, the administrative centre of Croatia. All my entire life I experienced a need expressing creativity in different types of art such as photography, manner design, and drawing, but in face paint, i came across probably the most joy and fulfillment. My motivation mainly arises from my environment therefore the means personally i think at moment/my emotions.

What I look for most interesting about-face paint is it is original form (on face and the body) it only lasts before you wash it off, it is therefore kinda “fragile” talent. And yes it is extremely difficult to decorate on bumpy fabric such as for example person face.

Since in university we took art classes, i’m also able to state I’m a big lover of conceptual and unique art form, therefore later on, my work will probably be more focused in that direction.

My profession right now is tied up/twisted illusion compensate (when I always call-it) that is dedicated to nose, mouth and throat location. Many artists avoid drawing on those components since they’re rough and it is kinda difficult to “blend” them to produce a fruitful illusion, but I go on it as a challenge every time. Predicated on that we developed my a number of “tangled up” impression makeups. I’m trying my appearance to draw people’s interest with some impression tips and like all of them is provocative with a little bizzare. In that particular impression form even the tiniest range placed wrong regarding the body trigger much harm to the final look, so somethimes it will take myself up to 12 hours in order to complete and once you begin to color it is impossible back, you must finish. Generate we mostly utilize aqua based human body paints combinated with oli shows and acrylics. Besides illusion sort of constitute i am additionally into sfx and other styles. The most important thing in my situation is to enjoy and develop myself while producing which is the key reason I’m engrossed.

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