Girl And Her Robot Travel Through Wastelands In Alternate 90s American In Chilling Illustrations

Picture the united states in belated 1997, but with less boy bands and much more post-apocalyptic desolation. That is just how Simon Stålenhag envisioned The Electric State, their upcoming latest installment to an extraordinary streak of successful artbooks, and then we’re completely lost in how interesting it turned out.

The musician and author, which hails from Stockholm, Sweden, basics The Electrical State on “a runaway teenager and her yellowish doll robot,” a not likely set that moves the West Coast within the aftermath of a massive technological meltdown, with evidently lead to brutal warfare between monstrous ‘battle drones’ and sheepish people managed by specific Virtual Reality helmets. It is a dark, confronting tale, plus one Stålenhag clearly illustrates to the level it looks terrifyingly real. Their focus on detail mirrors that of their earlier attempts, Tales From the Loop and Things From the Flood, while checking out similarly morose motifs.

The Electric State has actually partially been a community energy, with more than 5 thousand followers plunging toward offer the guide’s development on Kickstarter, resulting in above $300,000 in contributions. If you’re like us and cannot wait for your hands on a duplicate, there is great news and bad news; you will need to hold back until December 2017 for real release, however it is set to integrate texts published by Stålenhag himself explaining each image. Investigate for yourself the following, and inform us everything you believe!

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