Some body simply Noticed That Chameleons Will store whatever you provide them with, And It’s Hilarious

since it turns out, chameleons can entertain the group even though they’re not altering colors. Michigan-based musician Emma Ward has actually provided photos of the woman dog reptile Olive catching tiny tool props as well as the internet simply couldn’t handle it.

Emma’s tweet is liked very nearly 400,000 times and retweeted almost 170,000 times, making Olive probably the most preferred chameleons online. It even got a photo-response from a flying squirrel owner whose pets share the exact same hobby!

“Knowing she likes to grasp something that goes into the woman hands, I was thinking Lego swords and Evangelion weapons would be a fascinating idea,” Ward told She got the nearly 2-year-old Olive in April 2016 from a reptile event in Detroit, and they have been close friends from the time.

Michigan-based musician Emma Ward simply had a fantastic realization…

quickly, other pet enthusiasts whose animals share equivalent hobby  responded

men and women even started imagining just what adventures Olive would simply take her brand new inventory on

and even though the army of like-minded reptiles grew

With numerous adorable chameleons joining in

The amount of their admirers climbed also

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